“holiday snaps” (preview)

My Wife and I got back from holiday last night, having taken about 3500 photos with my RX1R it will take me a little while to process them all.

We travelled to Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm and did lots of walking ! (within the cities..)

Let’s start with the end, flying back to England from Stocholm we caught a sunset which I mananged to get a photograph of through the grubby window..

Sunset over England

This is my Wife, Louise, and I on a boat trip to Birka – this is a more typical holiday snap than those that will follow

Louise and I

Louise gets a photoshoot in a coffee shop

Coffee in Copenhagen

Louise thinks me weird on a train… but she accepts that I might be onto something

Train to Copenhagen

A couple of examples of ‘street photography’ whilst there


Copenhagen Train Station

In Malmo we went to a bar called ‘Bastard’, food was great, I took a photo of our waiter in said bar.

Our Waiter @ Bastard in Malmo, Sweden

and last of all a panoramic of some buildings in Malmo – the stitching isn’t great but I still like the image

RX1R Panoramic in Malmo Sweden